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Unlike large companies we do not set targets for our colleagues. Our business model is a patient centred one, rather than a sales driven one. Our success is based on patient trust if we had a franchise model it would No Targets per se
a. We must tap into lifestyle

A prescription is simply a bunch of numbers. It tells you nothing about what the patient needs, what they do or what they worry about.

The prescription is simply the starting point to customising an optical appliance to suit the individual.

A Prescription gives a 1) a Distance power……and if needed …… 2) a reading addition.
This must be modified to suit specific working distances such as desk top, painting, music.

What best suits the individual lifestyle needs: Varifocals, Bifocals, degressives, Single Vision for distance, intermediate or near. Stronger reading Add for niche craft spectacles. Lower reading add for car dashboards. The list goes on!

People become cynical of all businesses. There seems an accepted truth ‘good’ business is one, squeezing as much profit from every encounter. An acceptable business practice from an accountancy point of view does not make it ethically or morally justifiable. Justifiable or not, the practice may work well for huge companies with prominent advertising profiles to lure customers. However we do not all work to this agenda. We are only as good as our last eye exam; we have no other advertising platform. Patients must trust us, our advice, our product and our services. We depend on long term loyalty, not short term sting. We do mean what we say:

Loyalty comes from trust, trust comes from understanding, understanding comes from education and… education takes time and patience

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