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Aaron Optometrists potentially offer the largest selection of Designer Brands in Northumberland.

To dispense appropriately, we first of all must take the time to get to know you and in return it is important you trust the advice we give you. If you do not leave this practice with that trust, whether you purchase anything or not, then we have failed.

A spectacle prescription is simply a ‘Bunch of Numbers’, it tells you nothing about what you may or may not need. It is a starting point for the dispenser, but the most critical process is interpreting your lifestyle requirements so the most appropriate correction can be recommended.

We use the term ‘Out of Courtesy’ as a way of introducing our range of products, without the added pressure of buying. We have no right to dictate what you may, or may not, need or value; our role is to ensure we give you all the options available. At Aaron’s we offer a full range, not a restrictive range. If you do not have a clear idea of what you would like, we will show you selections from our entire collection. We strive to avoid gimmicks, preferring honesty and quality above all else.  We are competitive and have often been perceived as expensive, when we are not. We certainly provide expensive options when appropriate but, like for like, we can generally not be beaten on price alone.

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