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We believe in giving everyone the greatest choice: of Professional Services, frames, lenses, contact lenses. There may be coercion in advertising to suggest price is the only arbiter of fairness but this is simply not true. We have absolutely no right to presume what a patient may or may not value. Our role is to impartially inform so each person can make an educated decision on what may best suit their personal needs.

Our dispensing policy highlights this strategy. We must never presume what a patient may or may not value or wish to afford. We are simply giving the patient the courtesy of the fullest range. We do not mind if the patient wishes to spend nothing, a little, or a lot. Only offering, or at least pretending to offer, ‘cheap’ is a great disservice to patients. It is like saying, ‘you can only afford second best so that is all we will offer you’! Pushing expensive and over selling is equally morally and ethically WRONG. Offering the fullest choice – from inexpensive to very high end is an absolutely positive thing to be proud of, not embarrassed by. We must never do the patient the injustice of presuming what they want!

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