• Hycosan Plus

Hycosan Plus

  • £11.49

Preservative free eye drops recommended to aid the natural healing of a damaged surface of the eye due to surgical procedures, eye injury or dry eyes.

The surface of your eye is covered by a thin layer of tears, called the Tear Film which protects, nourishes and lubricates the eye. Hycosan-Plus® contains a natural occurring substance called Sodium Hyaluronate which replenishes the tear film. At a concentration of 0.1% Sodium Hyaluronate it offers effective relief for more severe and persistent dry eye symptoms. Hycosan-Plus® also contains Dexpanthenol which provides the surface of the eye with an effective environment to support healing post operation or eye injury.


We will use the prescription you have registered with us when sending out your lenses. Please contact us with any specific requirements. Not got a prescription?

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