• Hycosan Shield

Hycosan Shield

  • £19.95

The surface of your eye is covered by a thin layer of tears, called the Tear Film which protects, nourishes and lubricates the eye. Hycosan Shield replaces the outer layer of the tear film to form a shield and protect the tear film from evaporating. Containing a single ingredient formulation (100% Perfluorohexyloctane)- a molecule that is first to market in eye drops in the UK. It is an easy to use eye drop with 6 months sterility and low surface tension for optimum spreading ability with minimum visual impairment. Hycosan Shield is water free, phosphate free and preservative free.

3ml bottle

We will use the prescription you have registered with us when sending out your lenses. Please contact us with any specific requirements. Not got a prescription?

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