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Halloween Contact Lenses


It is everyone’s favourite time of year for fancy dress, and most people like to get their look perfect – including eye colour changing contact lenses.

While we understand most will be looking to wear these for only a few hours and as a one-off, they still come with many risks, and the perfect Halloween look will probably not be worth it. All contact lenses are classed as medical devices – no matter their purpose – and must be treated as such. The sale of contact lenses without prescription and without professional fitting is illegal. Regulations are in place to keep the wearer safe.

Now more popular and easier to purchase than ever, it is tempting to follow the trends. However, risks include corneal scratching, pain, infection and blurred vision. We would strongly advise against purchasing contact lenses without fitting. Never wear contact lenses which you may have used as part of your outfit last year, as lenses worn for longer than they should increases the risk a cornea infection.

It takes up to four years to become a contact lens practitioner, the main reasons for this being the safety and health of your eyes. Contact lenses cannot usually be purchased without consultation as to your suitability for lens wear.

Is it worth it for one night?

If you have any questions, visit us in practice or give us a call.

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