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How often should I have an eye exam?

In the guidelines from the NHS, it is recommended eye examinations are carried out as every two years. An optometrist may request to see you sooner if you;
• Are diabetic
• Over 40 & have a family history of glaucoma
• Are over 70
• Under 16
• Suffer with vision issues

I feel as though my vision has changed, what should I do?

If your vision has changed rapidly, it is best to contact us where we can triage over the phone and advise of the next steps.

If this has been a gradual process and you may or may not be due your eye examination, it would be best to contact us to arrange a time for you to be seen at your earliest convenience.

I am having flashing lights/floaters in my vision, what should I do?

If you experience any flashing light and/or floaters in your vision, please contact us. It may be nothing, but it is always best to check any changes in your vision. We will then advise on the best thing to do.

Do I still need an eye exam if I get diabetic screenings?

Yes, a diabetic screening is just that. A screening. It is important to check the full health of the eye as well as the prescription and discuss any changes in your health.

What is a Medical Optometrist?

Medical Optometrists are also able to prescribe and resolve issues within the practice, reducing the need to involve hospitals and GP’s.

Most medical optometrists work in the hospital setting. There is still very few practicing in the community where they are, arguably, needed most. It remains a very exclusive group but every optometrist in Aarons is either a medical optometrist or completing the qualification.

I want a new pair of spectacles, what should I do?

If you are a patient of ours and your prescription is in date, please arrange an appointment with. If your prescription is out of date, or about to be, we strongly recommend having an eye examination before going ahead with a new pair of spectacles.

If you are not a patient of ours, please arrange an appointment to ensure you have dedicated time to discuss your lifestyle and make sure your needs are fulfilled. We would also require your most up-to-to date prescription.

Could my child have an eye exam?

Yes. We are able to test children’s eyes from a young age. Even if your child cannot yet communicate about what they are experiencing, our fully trained optometrists have different ways of testing to find a prescription. It is also best to have any health issues with the eye discovered as young as possible to give time for correction.

All children under the age of 16 (up to 18 if in full time education) are entitled to sight tests with us through the NHS.

Can I use my spectacle prescription to order contact lenses?

These are two different prescriptions and if ordering contact lenses or spectacles, you need to make sure you have the correct one. A contact lens appointment cannot be carried out unless an up-to-date eye examination has been done first and the prescription is known.

Why is my contact lens prescription different to my glasses?

Contact lenses sit on the surface of the eye, whereas spectacles sit further away therefore they both require slightly different prescriptions. Spectacles can also be made up to a specific requirement, whereas contact lenses sometimes need to compromise.

Why do I need a contact lens aftercare appointment?

It is important to have yearly aftercare appointments for the health of the eye and make sure there are no issues being caused by wearing contact lenses.

Can I regularly get contact lenses?

Yes, the easiest way to do this is to set up a direct debit. This will cover you for your contact lenses, aftercare, emergency appointments and replacement lenses. It will also allow you to access discounts on spectacles.

Can I just buy lenses when I need them?

Yes. You do not have to have contact lenses delivered to you regularly if you know you will not be wearing them all the time. It is possible to order lenses as and when you need them. We do however recommend you remain on direct debit with us for your aftercare only.

How do I order my contact lenses?

Please visit the contact lens & solutions page on this website to order. We can dispatch direct from the manufacturer to you. If you are having any troubles accessing this, please leave us a message via the website or email [email protected].

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