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What happens in an exam

An eye examination for a child is sometimes different to one designed for an adult, including images rather than letters means it does not matter if you child cannot yet read. Using certain pieces of equipment, such as the retinoscope, in the testing room ensures an accurate prescription is found as well as checking the overall health and development of the eyes.

When to test

Carried out by accredited optometrists specialising in children’s eye examinations, it is important for children to have examinations early. All children under the age of 16 (up to 19 if still in full time education) are entitled to sight tests funded by the NHS. However, Aarons have taken the decision to include additional testing for children in examinations, this is not covered by the basic NHS test, but we believe it is too important not to do and will do this at no additional cost to you. Your child’s sight is too important to accept anything less.

Children’s spectacles

If a child requires spectacles the government supplies a voucher toward the cost. We believe ALL children should be able to go to school with a modern trendy frame, one they will not be embarrassed to wear. It is vital children are happy with their frames and will wear them. For this reason we have a large range of plastic and metal frames supplied FREE with the voucher. All frames are of modern designs, regularly changed to keep up with current trends; so important to young people.

Out of courtesy, it is important not to presume what people value. Therefore, we also have a huge range of designer frames, including Ray Ban which are very popular. The NHS voucher is still valid for these spectacles but the cost of the frame is not covered by the voucher and extra costs apply. So, for those of you who want the ultimate in designer names for your children we have them.

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