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NWT – Aarons: Gold Corporate Member


As many know I am an avid environmentalist; my first degree, before Optometry, was ‘Australian Environmental Science’.

While a long-term financial supporter of many international environmental groups, to my great shame, I had never considered local groups. So, in 2019 Aarons became a Gold Corporate Member to support the work of Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

When the Aaron subscription came due in March 2020, the NWT request was almost apologetic! Financially things were certainly a bit dodgy for all of us. The NWT must have considered the possibility they might be the first to get skimmed from any business costs. My email response:

‘No worries. More important things than money’. (should be read with an Australian accent).

The group also requested a small statement from me, and I am very happy to say it is prominent displayed on the NWT website.

Thought you all may like to read:


All the best to you all and keep on fighting.



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