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Introducing MiYOSMART by Hoya, The Myopia Control Spectacles


We are excited to announce the development of a lens designed to curb the progression of myopia in children, and Aarons are proud to be one of the first Optometrists in Britain to be accredited to prescribe the revolutionary spectacle lenses, MiYOSMART.

Myopia (short sightedness) tends to progress as a young person with myopia grows. Once the person stops growing this progression stops. MiYOSMART spectacle lens really allows clinicians to start the control process at the very earliest point.

Over the last decade real advances have been available.

Initially, control could only be obtained with special contact lenses. We have been prescribing these for many years but, of course, there are times when the patient, or optometrist, may not feel it appropriate to prescribe these.

MiYOSMART spectacle lenses by Hoya are the only non-contact lens technology to achieve myopia retardation. This makes everything so much easier and open to all young myopes.

Classified a ‘Medical Intervention’ only accredited optometrists can prescribe MiYOSMART. Released in the UK in February 2021, Aarons became accredited with a 100% pass rate the same month.

To inform parents, with short sighted children, about this new technology is important. No optometrist has the right to dictate what an individual chooses. However, it is morally wrong to not allow patients to make informed choices. Please click the image below to access our power-point on Myopia Control theory and options.

Many thanks, Dr Peter Frampton.


If you have any further questions regarding MiYOSMART or Myopia Control, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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