• Applauding Thea Strachan. Student. Age 9.


    Enter Thea Strachan. Occupation: Student. Age: 9. Voting status: ineligible. Commitment to something critically important: enormous. Thea’s story During Liz Truss’s very short premiership, Thea…

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  • He’s Back! Kind of… An Update On Peter


    The Bike Accident: Sometimes I am what my father would have called a ‘knucklehead’.  A statement by Peter Frampton I would like to thank everyone…

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  • Eye Exam Structuring


    A word from Dr Peter Frampton DOptom MSc FCOptom BAppSc(Optom)(AUS) DipTp(AS) DipTp(SP) DipTp(IP). (I am using my entire title to emphasise what I am going…

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