• Meet Andrew – Aaron’s long-standing Optometrist and Eye Care Aficionado


    Andrew joined the team as an optometrist in 1997 and is an integral part of Aaron’s culture and development. With comprehensive medical training in Glaucoma,…

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  • child receives an eye exam

    How will you keep my child engaged during an eye exam?


    Eye tests can be a scary prospect for our little ones. First and foremost, your child must be put at ease. Each of Aarons optometrists…

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  • child having eye examination

    Parent Insights: What can I expect when my child attends an appointment at Aarons?


    Our optometrists are dedicated to taking the time to understand the apprehensions and expectations of both you and your child, offering a level of attention…

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  • Introducing MiYOSMART by Hoya, The Myopia Control Spectacles


    We are excited to announce the development of a lens designed to curb the progression of myopia in children, and Aarons are proud to be…

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  • The New Aaron Mobile


    You can quote me on this: ‘I haven’t been excited by a car for 25 years’. (No offence to the outgoing Berlingo which I loved…

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  • Updated: Covid-19 – Questions You May Have


    We are keen to make you all aware of our policies and procedures vis-a-vis Covid-19. Today, we are answering your Covid-19 questions, so you can…

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  • Take a Tour of Aarons


    Now it is a bit more difficult than normal to ‘pop’ to the shops, so we thought we would come to you with a tour…

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  • NWT – Aarons: Gold Corporate Member


    Aaron’s has joined with the Northumberland Wildlife Trust. As many know I am an avid environmentalist; my first degree, before Optometry, was ‘Australian Environmental Science’….

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  • Options For Reducing Those Foggy Spectacles


    Ah, a wintery Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a recipe for disaster as far as spectacle wearers are concerned. Cue foggy spectacles. If the thought of your…

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  • Keep recycling please even with a locked door policy during COVID-19


    With Covid-19 taking precedence, I’m concerned that we are losing sight of our biggest global challenge: the climate crisis. It’s so important to remember to…

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